How does one learn to maintain guitar strings properly?

Setting up a guitar, bass or violin can be a daunting undertaking, even to seasoned players. Guitars, and wooden stringed instruments in general, are malleable. Wood warps, grime cakes on necks, strings break. When tinkering, things can go wrong. But things can also be greatly improved.

Part of developing as a musician is forming a bond with your instrument and understanding how it works. What’s more, inexpensive, beginner instruments are usually set up poorly, which makes playing them more difficult. Enter The String Cleaner by ToneGear created by a guitar player to serve the needs of stringed instrument players. “I invented The String Cleaner because I grew tired of not having a reliable method to maintain my strings and as a gigging musician strings can become a large expense,” said Dave Chiappetta, founder and CEO of ToneGear.

What is more interesting is that “The String Cleaner” has been awarded “Best of Show” at the NAMM show. In an industry that is filled with so much to offer for musicians it only makes sense to have a simple to use product that stands out. In fact, take a look at accessories in the guitar or violin sections of the music store and notice that there is no competition for what “The String Cleaner” can offer. Imagine not needing any liquids or chemicals to clean strings. Imagine spending under $20 to purchase a long lasting device. The guitar and bass tech for the amazing Joe Bonamassa, Dave “Big D” Lamont has said that he uses The String Cleaner on every guitar he sends and receives on his stage. Even Eddie Ojeda from Twisted Sister has been known to use this device.

The bottom line is that this device is simple, cost effective and delivers results in seconds. It is suggested that instead of buying more strings musicians should add the string cleaner to their holiday purchase this year. Now is the perfect time for parents to purchase starter packs to start teaching their children. This is the perfect opportunity for The String Cleaner to be added to the purchase. The String Cleaner even makes a great stocking stuffer.