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 Social Sher specializes in providing marketing, social media and PR services for businesses and professionals in all industries. We manage, create and post social media content for our business partners and clients. Our creative team works on creating custom social media graphics and ads while our video production team creates and edits video content. Additionally we create Press Release content to help clients celebrate milestones and promote media worthy content for increased exposure. Our clients have a “celebrity status” following on social media.

Social Media Management

Facebook. Instagram. Tumblr. Pinterest. Blogs. Press Releases. YouTube. If it’s relevant today we do it! In partnership with Auto Ad Builder, Template Ad Builder and numerous other clients our focus is to manage social media unlike anyone else. Our professional and personalized approach ensures that content is created, reviewed, reviewed again and posted on the proper medium at the proper time. Social Sher is the real deal firm to work with when considering a social media partner. Why? Because we study our craft and make constant improvements to stay ahead for our clients!

content creation

You heard about how content is the key to staying relevant with social media? It’s true! However, the content needs to be unique and created custom to the business needs. If you are a Ford car dealership do you really want the same regurgitated content posted as 50 other Ford dealers are posting? No! You want content that will engage customers and want them doing business with you. We create custom graphics for social media posts. We create video ads. We write blogs and press releases that create energy in the reader! We are the REAL DEAL!

Public Relations Firm

Public Relations is important to any business or individual that is trying to create a new trend to follow. The goal of Social Sher is to arm clients with fire to dominate their space with the best news releases. A Press Release tells a story that is filled with positive news that generates more followers. More followers turn into raving fans that spread the news to more potential fans. The Public Relations service provided by Social Sher is done at a very elite level. Clients plan for their success every month through marketing meetings. These marketing meetings create plans that are structured to build an engaging story to attract the masses.

ALL ABOUT Social Sher

What started out as a professional alter ego turned into a worldclass social media and public relations firm. Founded by Stan Sher in 2011 Social Sher has served businesses and individuals at all levels to step up their branding game and online presense. Social Sher has developed a niche where custom content is created for social media and then it is Social Shared (or Shered…get it?). Stan Sher is Social Sher and is presented that way when it comes to producing content. Social Sher is the brand face for marketing projects because of the huge following that has been built over the years. Our goal is to step up the Facebook, Intagram, YouTube and Public Relations efforts for your business, yourself or your project. It is no surprise that Social Sher can be found at conferences or conventions for various industries because he is multifaceted and understands the value of quality PR. We have a video and graphics design team that quickly learns and understands the needs of your business. 

How Social Sher Came To Be

Throughout his whole life Stan Sher has always been a friendly and social person. Stan Sher can be described as the life of the party by many. His positive energy and desire to always do the right thing is the reason why he is loved by many. Stan Sher was one of the first people to embrace social media when it started becoming relevant to the business world.

Around 2009 when Stan Sher had become an established and well received automotive industry executive he started to do social media projects for automotive companies. These included auto dealers, vendors and his own brand. He was looking to make a move from automotive retail and develop something special. This was the time when automotive social media marketing forums were becoming popular. Stan Sher quickly established himself as a thought leader by writing articles and blogs for these sites as well as auto industry publications. Someone suggested that he create the brand, Social Sher. It took a few years to really understand why this suggestion was made. 

In 2010, Stan Sher launched his first business, Dealer eTraining. Dealer eTraining is an automotive industry sales training and consulting firm that has done business with numerous automobile dealers all over the United States as well as dealer associations and OEMs. The business was going strong. At the same time, Social Sher was launched as a Social Media Management firm that also provided marketing and branding to individuals on a small scale. The firm would also help individuals find employment as well as share opportunities for businesses to recruit talent. 

Fast forward to 2016 when Stan Sher partnered with automotive digital advertising agency, Auto Ad Builder when the pieces started to fit. Auto Ad Builder has been creating content for auto dealers by building ads and creating video marketing content for manty years. It was the perfect complement to what Social Sher does. The process became simple. Auto Ad Builder creates content and Social Sher distributes the content through Social Media. Stan Sher is also the face and public figure for both Auto Ad Builder and Social Sher brands. It only made sense to create the nick name “Social Sher” for Stan Sher. When clients are too afraid or unavailable to appear on a video marketing campaign for their business, who steps in to get the message out? Yep, you guessed it. Stan Sher aka Social Sher. 


  • Communication 50%
  • Development 50%
  • Friendly 100%



We specialize in creating and sharing content for auto dealers, dealer services providers and individuals working in the industry. We create ads, social media posts and video content to improve the way that automotive related businesses are branded on social media.

Small Business

Do you own a restauraunt? A law firm? An accounting firm? A salon? Any business? Social Sher has you covered. If you have a business that is brandable we can take you to the next level. Social Sher will deliver your message and get your business looked at by the whole entire world on social media.

Individual BRanding

Are you a leader in your industry? Are you trying to get recognized and become an authority figure in your industry? Look no further. Social Sher will help you do for your own brand what he has been able to accomplish for his brand. Social Sher will fire up your social media efforts and set up quality video marketing processes to get everyone talking about you.

Public Relations

What makes Social Sher the go-to public relations firm? It is the thought out processes and procedures that we put in place to get news worthy content about your brand to the public. It takes a special kind of skill to develop the right press release. We know public relations and we take every opportunity to make sure that your story is shared (or Shered).

Event Social Media

Are you hosting a major conference, convention, seminar or meeting? You need social media badly! Contract Social Sher to work your event and have your social media covered. We will create your own hashtags and get you seen. We will take every marketing opportunity available and get your event seen. 

Individual BRanding

Are you a leader in your industry? Are you trying to get recognized and become an authority figure in your industry? Look no further. Social Sher will help you do for your own brand what he has been able to accomplish for his brand. Social Sher will fire up your social media efforts and set up quality video marketing processes to get everyone talking about you.

The purpose is to be the best human being possible. Be kind to others.
Love and support my family.

What Others Say About Me

Read what people have to say about Stan Sher, his experience and what he accomplished for clients. It gets better! We all start somewhere right? Read what previous employers and even the trainers that knew him in the beginning have to say too. Not just clients!

I met Stan and asked him to help train my brand new BDC Dept. He captured his audience with enthusiasm and real time knowledge of E-commerce and the automotive world. 
Stan saved me time with his training of my staff and increased my own awareness of the internet.
I would recommend Stan to anyone who wants to increase sales.

Tim Johnson

Sales & Marketing Director, Sterling Chevrolet

I have had the pleasure of being Stan’s General Manager in a Honda dealership. He has learned so much and has become such a powerhouse in the industry that I have brought him in to train and consult not one dealership but two. He is truly one of the best when it comes to building and managing the BDC in the dealership!

Arwin Bharaj

General Manager, Caldwell Toyota

I met Stan seven years ago when I was GM at Jersey City Ford. He took a tiny four person Business Development Center and blew it up to a gigantic eight person department. The advertising expense was improved thanks to his vendor relationships. But more importantly he ran insane appointments. We went from average 70 appointments on Saturday to almost double. Now I got him and Auto Ad Builder doing Social Media and Video Marketing for Brooklyn Mitsubishi. Together as a team we killing it! I love his passion and his energy!

EL Patronn

Managing Partner, Brooklyn Mitsubishi

I hired Stan six months ago to help us build and manage a world class BDC department for our Nissan store. Consequently, I have been working very closely with Stan during this time. Today I can proudly say that our BDC department has grown steadily under his management and this month will exceed 70 sales. Stan is a great guy to work with, mainly because he always maintains a positive attitude. He is extremely dedicated to his job and has a tremendous work ethic. Stan also has an in debt knowledge of the automotive internet business and his input has proven very useful. I would highly recommend Stan Sher and look forward to working with him for a long time.

Steven Risso

President, Teddy Nissan

Stan Sher is a BEAST! I watched him come into a Hyundai store where I was the Finance Director. He was given a completely destroyed BDC/Internet Sales department with no staff and four new recruits. Within two weeks they were running 40 and 50 appointment Saturdays. You want the best in your store? Hire Stan! 

Dan Cruz

Finance Director, DCN Hyundai

Wow, life has a way of coming full circle and that is the case with Stan and me. I had the pleasure of training and coaching Stan while at DCH Automotive Group. He has taken the “Best Practices” that I introduced to him and has taken it to another level. Stan is good at what he does and will continue to be for he has mastered the Golden Rule “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” Keep fighting the good fight Stan and you will continue to shine.

Brandon K. Hardison

President, Champion Strategies

Something To Learn About Me

I was born on June 12, 1983 in Kiev, Ukraine to a loving family. My family and I came to to the United States in 1989. We spent the first five years in Brooklyn, NY before relocating to New Jersey. I spent most of years growing up in East Brunswick, NJ where I graduated high school part of the class of 2002. I was part of a very close smaller family and I am an only child. I grew up quicker than most of my peers because I spent the majority of my childhood years after school with my grandparents.

Throughout my childhood and teenage years I studied Martial Arts, played guitar and was a member of the wrestling team. At age 14 I started working for a pool management company as a gate guard and eventually would become a Lifeguard. I worked for this company for over 7 years and would be promoted to Head Lifeguard and Assistant Supervisor. I also taught private swimming lessons at that time. I attended Middlesex County College and later transferred to University of Phoenix. At times I was working two jobs while going to school. This afforded me the ability to purchase my first brand new car at 19 years old.

My hobbies include music, going to concerts, studying martial arts, going to the beach, spending time with family and friends. I hold relationships very dear to my heart. I am very close with my parents, grandparents and best friends. Every chance that I get I like to donate to a charity or help a friend in need. There are times when I can be found volunteering for a cause or doing a walk for a cause.

I love to read and gain knowledge that will help me better myself in business. What I do for a living is not just a job, it is also a hobby. People are always asking me for help in certain facets of their business. This has inspired me to freely put out content that can help people get motivated to do better in life and business. I personally come from a middle class family where everything that was ever given to me was earned. I want to share my life experiences and business minded knowledge to help other people succeed.



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